Welcome to the new Faubourg St. Roch Website!

On behalf of the 2017 board of directors and members of the Faubourg St. Roch Improvement Association (FSRIA), I welcome you to our Web site. The purpose of FSRIA is to serve as an information clearinghouse for all things Faubourg St. Roch.Our goal is to ensure anyone living between the boundaries of Elysian Fields Avenue and Press Street (train tracks) and St. Claude Avenue to Florida Avenue are engaged and informed. Uniquely, we are represented by two council districts C and D, and two state representative offices. Our “Faubourg Franklin” historic neighborhood is a cosmopolitan for all who want to live, work and play downriver. The mixture of retired teachers, longshoremen, eclectic musicians and urban planners’ makeup a great neighborhood. With a heart that is warm and unclogged, the potential for our success is infinite. The children play and learn while adults and seniors guide and relax in many of the green spaces. We have St. Roch Park/Sampson Playground and McCue Park, which produces competitive NORDC programming. We have two vibrant community pocket parks for neighbors that need serenity or a quick swing before or after tackling the challenges of the day. Businesses range from well-known live music venues on St. Claude Avenue to coffee shops and nestled, charming art galleries. With the opening of the Historic St. Roch Market, St. Roch will be home to an old business we’ve wanted to return for many years. The market will reinstate the St. Roch charm that our elders remember. Whether the proprietors are from across the street or around the corner, St. Roch is thriving with shopping, dining and entertainment. Like its name, Saint Roch has deep spiritual awareness. Any ministry to meet the need of the total man is available through one of 13 churches we have in the neighborhood. Churches like Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church and Shiloh Christian Fellowship are places for St. Roch families to connect to a living and active being greater than us. It is my sincerest desire that you enjoy the Web site. If you are visiting New Orleans, the promenade of Oaks await. May grace and peace come to you!

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