To get a feel for the community that is Faubourg St. Roch, you have to learn more about the people of St. Roch and their unique stories as originally shared in archive issues of the Faubourg St. Roch Project monthly newsletter. Click here to see more of the people and places that make Faubourg St. Roch great.

Reggie Lawson
“There are many important and soulful things about St. Roch that are not connected to (me) … (I’m) always looking for more residents to get involved in building community in St. Roch.”

Perry Mathieu
Perry Mathieu
“It’s a beautiful neighborhood we’ve got here. I love the trees.
I love the neutral ground. It’s beautiful.”

Ms. Barbara Pratt
“If only these kids could realize just what we went through to get this far. I was spit on, I was dragged by my hair, and I saw signs telling me where I could and could not sit, drink water, or use a restroom because of my skin color. “

Ms. Genevieve Dent
1314 St. Roch
“So long as we have people that respect themselves and
respect the neighborhood, St. Roch will make it back. I know it will.”

Dr. Victor J. Durapa, Jr.
“My decision to rebuild here was about much more than the past. This is where I felt at home, this is where I felt at peace. Taking on the project gave me a hope and purpose that I hadn’t felt since Katrina.”

Mr. Ray Martes
“You have to do the best you can to keep the neighborhood clean,
to make a voice for what you think is right.”

Reverend Tony Ricard
Our Lady Star of the Sea
Since August 29, 2005, Fr. Tony has been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “I will survive, “ has become his motto.

Robert & Augusta Elmwood
Robert & Augusta Elmwood
Augusta’s family has been in New Orleans since 1718 and in St. Roch neighborhood for 150 years. Robert refers to himself as a yankee transplant that found himself on his last tour of duty with the Marine Corp in New Orleans.

The Cruthirds
The Cruthirds Family
The Cruthirds family purchased the Firehouse at 1421 St. Roch Avenue in October 2009 from the City of New Orleans at a public auction with plans to someday house a studio and residence for the Cruthirds family.

Staple Goods
The Collier Family
In 2007, after attending church Uptown, Aaron and Kristen realized there was a need to have a church in their neighborhood. So a group of St. Roch residents started meeting at the Collier’s house and at other residents’ homes in St. Roch.

Thor Carlson & Tara Lee Cox
In 2010, Thor and Tara decided to partner to purchase a shotgun single built in the 1930’s and a workshop next door at 1628 Spain offering Thor, an architectural metal work artist a larger live/work space while also creating a tremendous cost savings on studio space that was typically too small for his work.

Helm Louque Family
The Helm-Luque Family
“It’s a place where neighbors not only know each other but
help each other when there is work to be done.”

The Moret Family
The Moret Family
Lily and Tammy love the convenience of the location to Lily’s school, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), art galleries, theatres, the French Quarter and the interstate.

The Hernandez Family
The Hernandez Family
The Hernandez home has been a gathering place for her family over
the last fifty years and provided a home to as many as sixteen of her
extended family in the days after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Jason Shaun Brandon and Troy
Jason, Shaun, Brandon & Troy
“The vision for this home is to be safe haven for the young men in the community. If they are having issues at home or in the streets we would want them to know they could always come to the house and be loved.”

*Courtesy of Faubourg St. Roch Project

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