Jason Shaun Brandon and TroyJason, Shaun, Brandon & Troy
Four incredible young men have moved into a home recently rehabilitated on North Roman in St. Roch by the St. Roch Community Church.  These young men are inspiring in their stories and their desire to work with young people in the community.  Shaun is a teacher and a coach at two different schools, Troy is planning to take a position as an outreach coordinator in an anti-violence organization, Brandon is studying Theology and Jason is planning to get his MBA.

These young men are all members of the St. Roch Community Church and are refining their ministry mission and role within the community currently but also see the house at N. Roman as a strategic tool to reach out to the young men of the St. Roch neighborhood as the property is located across from Sampson/ St. Roch park.  “The vision for this home is to be safe haven for the young men in the community. If they are having issues at home or in the streets we would want them to know they could always come to the house and be loved, by having a place to sleep or eat or what ever need they could possibly have.”

This Friday, June 8 from 7-10 PM you are invited to join Jason, Shaun, Brandon & Troy at their home for a game night. Grab a friend, a board game and join them for what is sure to be an enjoyable evening.

*Courtesy of Faubourg St. Roch Project

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