Helm Louque FamilyThe Helm-Louque Family
Dustan and Amanda recently purchased a home on St. Roch Avenue after falling in love with all that St. Roch and the downriver neighborhoods have to offer. Originally from the southeastern Louisiana parishes of St. John and St. James, the couple found perfection in what they see as a budding artisan community where people bring what makes them special to the neighborhood creating a place to do all the things one enjoys.

As Dustan and Amanda researched St. Roch, they stumbled across FSRP’s website, Homespace, Staple Goods, and the Healing Center. Once they realized the ongoing investments and efforts of the community they saw themselves being a part of the revitalization.

Sharing that one of their new neighbors has helped them with their renovation work, Dustan recalls memories of growing up in Grand Pointe, Louisiana. “It’s a place where neighbors not only know each other but help each other when there is work to be done.”

Amanda quickly found connections to her roots as well in St. Roch after she and Dustan posted a photograph of their new home and her family began to relate stories to her.  Both her grandfather and grandmother once lived in St. Roch. Also, in a post war photograph of residents marching on the St. Roch Avenue neutral ground at the end of WWII, her great grandmother and great uncle are both pictured.  That same great uncle, Bunky, a child playing a trumpet in the photo went on to open the well known Helm Paint stores in New Orleans in 1970 at the ripe young age of twenty.

The future is bright for Amanda and Dustan as they renovate their home and look toward the possibility of beginning a permaculture garden; growing only edible items while creating a self-sustaining garden.

*Courtesy of Faubourg St. Roch Project

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