The Hernandez FamilyThe Hernandez Family
Cindy Hernandez is a life-long resident of St. Roch. Her Grandparents, Victor and Adela Lantan, purchased the family home, 1338 Spain Street, in the 1960’s after immigrating to the United States from Guatemala. This home has been a gathering place for her family over the last fifty years and provided a home to as many as sixteen of her extended family in the days after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Today, 1338 Spain is home to Cindy, her husband George, son Gabriel and her brother Tony. Cindy’s grandmother, Adela, moved to New Orleans in the 1950’s to work for an Ambassador from Mexico and stayed in New Orleans to work as a nanny for families here.  In 1960, after Adela’s sister tried unsuccessfully to convince her to marry a man she knew from Guatemala, Cindy’s Great Aunt assumed her Grandmother’s name and married Cindy’s Grandfather and then sent Victor to New Orleans with a letter that Adela and Victor were now married. Cindy’s grandmother accepted the arrangement, and they were married for over forty years.

Cindy’s mother, Beatrice, Adela and Victor’s only child, has worked for Tulane Hospital for twenty-three years in administration, and her father served as a New Orleans Police Officer in the 1st and 5th Districts. Mr. and Mrs. DeLucca have three children and now reside in Violet, LA along with Cindy’s sister Brandy and her daughter Nereda.

Cindy has fond memories of growing up in St. Roch and playing in front of her house with the neighborhood children and going to various parks until the first signs of crime began surfacing in 1989. Cindy’s grandparents were active members of the community and refused to move as they saw a rise in crime and drug trafficking, insisting that St. Roch would come back together and become a safer neighborhood. Sadly they both passed away before they could see the full potential of a strong neighborhood where it could be once again safe and family oriented.

Over the years, Cindy has seen many changes to the St. Roch neighborhood and believes that there have been many promising signs since 2005. She has been a guiding force to the FSRP board since 2006. Cindy and her neighbors have set up a phone tree to combat unwanted elements in the community and she would like to see the level of homeownership continue to rise as well as neighborhood wide activities. Cindy believes in St. Roch and her Grandparent’s legacy of always wanting this home to be there for her family and hopes that her son can one day enjoy the community in the way she did as a child and all the rich history that this neighborhood holds.

*Courtesy of Faubourg St. Roch Project

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