The Moret FamilyThe Moret Family
Tammy and daughter, Lily Moret recently moved into their newly renovated home on Spain Street after spending the last six and a half years living with Tammy’s parents in her childhood home on N. Villere Street in St. Roch. Tammy’s parents, Curtis and Joann purchased their home in 1961 where they raised Tammy and her two sisters.

Following the devastation of their home by Hurricane Katrina in Gentilly, Tammy and Lily decided to return to St. Roch.  Each day as the pair returned to the neighborhood from their work and school day, Tammy watched the renovations taking place on 1433 Spain. Initially, Tammy thought someone had purchased the home to own, when suddenly the home went on the market and at Lily’s urging Tammy decided to explore the option of owning a home again.

The home was built in 1920 in a California bungalow style as a one bedroom / one bath and has since been converted to a two bedroom / two bath with two very large porches. During her childhood, Tammy’s best friend lived across the street from the home and she remembers playing ball in the street and having to ask the permission of the elderly couple that owned the home to retrieve the ball from their yard.

Lily and Tammy love the convenience of the location to Lily’s school-NOCCA, art galleries, theatres, the French Quarter, and the interstate. The location offers them an opportunity to walk, bike or drive to participate in the things they love. Both Tammy and Lily hope to see more home ownership, community building, art events and more artist types moving in to help build an even more eclectic and diverse community.

*Courtesy of Faubourg St. Roch Project

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